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43 Days

Let's pretend for a moment that yes, we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings and these visitations still occur today. The chance that this is real are very high. Let's establish that:

  • We do not know the origin of these beings
  • We do not know who they are.
  • We do not know their motivations.

The only thing we know is they're here. How their ship operate is irrelevant for now. Wether they come from galaxy XYZ or from another dimensions or endless speculations about crashed alien technologies that we could have reversed engineered is just distractions.

What matter is they're here. The implications of that are massive. This is what we must discuss and focus on.

We are now dealing with an outside force flying in our atmosphere with impunity.

This is past the point of being a US national security issue. This is about the entire civilization entering into a larger arena of life at a very crucial time. Humanity must have rules of engagement in place to deal with outside ET forces. This is essential.

We must put emotions aside. We must put intellectual masturbation aside. This subject needs to be approached very seriously now.

I believe disclosure is now happening in various stages that will take multiple years/decades leading us to potential contact:

  1. Remove stigma and ridicule around the subject. This is now serious shit.
  2. Law makers of various countries will come to term with the realization of ET visitation and intrusion
  3. The UN will gather to discuss this
  4. Multiple influencial personalities will be contacted to "set the stage" for the general public. Going from 0 to 60 with the President saying : they're here folks! Would be too much to handle. Easy transition is key.
  5. Rules are engagement and protocol are created.
  6. Contact, decades from now.

What do you think?

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