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2 Hours

This happened like 30 minutes ago.

I was just driving home with my parents from my cousin's party and it was about 2:30 a.m. While looking around we all saw 5 lights in the sky. 3 yellowish lights 1 white and 1 red flickering lights. First, we thought that maybe it was an airplane, but it wasn't moving, they were just hovering lights, hovering at a very low altitude. The object seemed kinda big. Short after that we entered in a forest and couldn't saw the lights anymore so we thought it was over but we were wrong. After we got out of the forest we see other lights. I don't know if it was the same flying object or not because now the red and white lights weren't present. There were still hovering yellowish light but this time at higher altitude. The weird thing was that only I saw them this time, my parents haven't (they probably weren't looking at the right direction+ the object was further away now). We're pretty close to our home by now so I hurried up and got out my telescope (yes i have one) to give the lights a closer look, but they disappeared.

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5 Hours

Last night, my fiance and I were watching the sky at about 10:30-11pm CT in north-east Kansas. We saw what we thought was the ISS moving south to south-east. But as we watched it, ANOTHER similar object came shortly after, traveling in the same path at about the same speed. Then, yet another object, moving slightly faster, followed the first two's path for awhile, then STOPPED and hovered for a good 5 minutes. As it was hovering in the south-east, a huge object came from out of nowhere in the south-east and traveled south to south-west. It was close, and bigger than a plane, with flashing lights in odd patterns and colors compared to a plane. Once that went out of view, the third object started circling in place before continuing south-east, stopping for a bit, than traveling out of view. The ISS was not visible in our city at all last night.

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6 Hours

Hello everyone, I live in Northern Italy. I went to my friend's pool and i chilled out watching the sky during the night.

After sometime i notice a white dot (looked like a star) started moving vertically, i thought it was a plane (i live 45min from an airport) so i didn't care about it much. But that i started to go back and forward and zig zag and i noticed it, so i checked on flightradar24, no planes at all, and it seemed that light was changing brightness levels at random intervals Then i didn't see it again

submitted by /u/satoshidoggo
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9 Hours

I see little to no discussion about alien abductions on this sub.

So let's say that you read about some stories of UFO's. Some of them are very credible, and report objects that seem to defy the laws of physics. Like a cube encased in a translucent ball flying at supersonic speeds and making sharp turns, instantaneous acceleration etc.

Or cigar shaped objects that are seen on radar and groups of credible observes (pilots, copilots etc). Often with government reports and radar data public.

Now if you go with the alien hypothesis that implies that they are flying around but want to keep a low profile and do not provide irrefutable proof of their presence.

Wouldn't it make sense that if this was the case, they would come down and pick up some humans, animals and ground samples every once in a while to have a closer look? Do brain scans, possibly test how they react to their presence, or to figure out how to communicate with us (if they are very different).

Or what I am saying is, if you make the leap that possibly we are not alone, and we are being observed, the alien abduction phenomena suddenly seems a lot less far fetched?

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I started watching Night Skies and it turned me into researching the Phoenix Lights event. I saw some drawings of the lights people saw, in a V shape, and I froze. Because I realized that, in one of the scariest moments of my life as a kid, I saw it, too.

I was seven or eight years old when I was in my backyard at night... it was probably about 6:30 PM and getting dark out. I was standing in the grass facing the back of the house when all of a sudden a GIANT series of lights in a V shape came flying directly over my house. At the time it felt like it was just maybe twelve feet above your house. It was so intense I could feel and hear the roaring. I was so scared my heart jumped in my throat and I almost fell backwards. The next thing I knew the thing was gone. I turned around to watch it fly away and couldn’t see it. It was bizarre. It happened SO fast that I barely had time to process it and always just convinced myself that it must have been some weird plane. It was one of the scariest thing that ever happened to me and now reading about the Phoenix Lights I feel validated because no one ever believed me.

People talk about “why are there no pictures of this?” — well, for me I understand it because what I saw was so brief (maybe seven seconds) I barely had time to process it.

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Pleased to see more written here on Vallees various works!


Passport to Magonia is essential for the data base!

That alone makes Vallee important. Perspective is important.

A collection from ancient times to 1969. Not complete by any means, and cannot be proven true.

So why is that important?
Because each "sighting" is a product of it's time, many are very curious, some quaint and some downright silly!

What they have in common is HUMAN perception and consciousness.

As contradictory as it might seem, maybe they are all "true". True in the sense that they are believed to be real by the person reporting.

And lack of proof. No photos, no films, just testimony.

The commonality of myth and legend that is universal , be it religious, Gods and Goddesses, other sentient creatures, Fae, Elves, ghosts, spirits, "aliens" and the eyewitness accounts of such happenings are so similar, they MUST be linked somehow. You can take Celtic stories of the Fae and change the word to aliens and the stories, allowing for history, are almost the same. The same is true for ghosts. And it's valid for cultures world wide.

To consider each of these dozens or hundreds of subjects as independent of each other seems to be an illusion, to consider them all the same manifestations of the same phenomenon seems like progress. I cannot impart knowledge to the reader, read and make the connections yourselves, broaden your outlook. Vallee is a great start, Youtube and UFO website are a dead end.

Why do I say a dead end? Because even if we just start in the 1940, we have "learned" nothing at all more now than we knew then. We have a collection of stories, lore and legend that simply is repeated and periodically added to. Sound familiar? It should!

Same thing for all paranormal concerns, long lines of lore but no REAL answers.

Lots of superficial ones, spirits of the dead, undiscovered cryptids, aliens visiting, etc etc.

Instead of thinking this way, perhaps we should look for a MECHANISM that expresses it ,if we can ever understand such a thing! A "Unified Theory" of such things if you will.

If we follow the same lines of thinking that haven't answered our questions, perhaps it's time for a fresh view of what is it that we really want to know. And maybe some new questions.

My thoughts, no arguments, no debates. Disagree all you want, but ADD something rather than try to "debunk" this!

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