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2 Hours

Hi All,

Before the report is released, we should aim to create a detailed timeline of events that could be used by anyone on this sub to view and critically assess each peace of information, as it relates to the events that have led up to the upcoming report.

I will start the comments on this thread by year of date e.g 2007 when the first leaked video appeared on a forum, and then everyone can comment the relevant information underneath, as it relates to that year with the most credible source that can be found.

Hopefully we can remain civil and the best pieces of information will be up voted to the top underneath each dated year, without it turning into a cluster fuck, and then after a few days, hopefully one of the mod can simply copy and paste the information to create a timeline on a pinned post.

Thanks in advance.

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3 Hours

The evidence suggests this thing is 100-1000+ years more advanced technologically then our own military.

The notion 'it's a covert unawcknolodged black ops top secret project made by our/some government' is fine, I'd be okay with it being the new SR-71.

But that doesnt solve one very significant problem, where the hell did the source technology come from to build it. Either way no matter the significance of its origin or who actually owns it, everything points to a singularity of it not being human based technology to begin with regardless of ownership. You cant fake technological progress like this, their is no shortcut for time.

If this is ours (human), it's been in development for a minimum of 50+ years. Where we were 50+ years ago as a species does not match with what would be required technologically to begin building or understanding this. It would have been game over, every world power would have collapsed under the supremacy of this technology instantly. The fact it had to be kept under wraps is a crime against humanity and scientific progress that translates into trillions of dollars of damages, +millions of lives, and pre meditated global climate destruction. This thing could create world peace, unprecedented economic/technological growth, interstellar habitation, reduce poverty to zero. Are you really okay with this being a weapon for the most powerful military on the planet? Is this the great filter? I'm serious.


Option 1: We found something, back engineered it.

Option 2: Non human lifeforms.

Option 3: Genius level sauvaughnt inventor with billions+ in funding created something, without anyone noticing, using a new version of physics he created that will change the world forever and has global supremacy over all military powers combined with that one vehicle.

Option 4: Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

If you have other options or ideas on its origin let it be known, regardless one thing is certain, this will change everything. We are witnessing history.

The laws of physics never change but our laws of understanding always will.

submitted by /u/Adolist
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3 Hours

Let's pretend for a moment that yes, we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings and these visitations still occur today. The chance that this is real are very high. Let's establish that:

  • We do not know the origin of these beings
  • We do not know who they are.
  • We do not know their motivations.

The only thing we know is they're here. How their ship operate is irrelevant for now. Wether they come from galaxy XYZ or from another dimensions or endless speculations about crashed alien technologies that we could have reversed engineered is just distractions.

What matter is they're here. The implications of that are massive. This is what we must discuss and focus on.

We are now dealing with an outside force flying in our atmosphere with impunity.

This is past the point of being a US national security issue. This is about the entire civilization entering into a larger arena of life at a very crucial time. Humanity must have rules of engagement in place to deal with outside ET forces. This is essential.

We must put emotions aside. We must put intellectual masturbation aside. This subject needs to be approached very seriously now.

I believe disclosure is now happening in various stages that will take multiple years/decades leading us to potential contact:

  1. Remove stigma and ridicule around the subject. This is now serious shit.
  2. Law makers of various countries will come to term with the realization of ET visitation and intrusion
  3. The UN will gather to discuss this
  4. Multiple influencial personalities will be contacted to "set the stage" for the general public. Going from 0 to 60 with the President saying : they're here folks! Would be too much to handle. Easy transition is key.
  5. Rules are engagement and protocol are created.
  6. Contact, decades from now.

What do you think?

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