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60 Days

Last night at around 10:30pm in NE Philadelphia I was driving on Harbison ave, towards Frankford Ave, the Firehouse behind me, when I saw a greenish-ly lit light in the sky that I would estimate was fairly high up in the sky but I could not determine its distance. It was strange because when I noticed it, it seemed stationary, but only for half a second, then it sort of banked left, banked right, and on it’s swing back to the left as it reached its original position (where I noticed it at least) it then straightened its course and accelerated at speeds that planes, helicopters, and drones just are not capable of. Within a second and a half it has flown clear out of view.. seemingly not upwards towards space but into distance. It’s a sight I can’t seem too stop thinking about as I’ve never seen anything comparable to that in terms of speed and maneuverability.. anyone else catch this?

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