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UFO sightings and alien encounters are becoming a daily occurrence. Postufo is your online source for videos, articles, and pictures of aliens, UFOs, and the possibility of alien life on other planets. Help spread awareness by posting quality UFO content

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888 Days

I’m watching “The Phenomenon” (very well produced doc, btw) and they’re currently retelling the history of sightings - everything was “saucers”, “metallic”, “domes on top” - we’ve all seen these images in pop culture.

I guess my question is, what happened to those?

Does nobody else find it curious that the description of UFOs seems to have evolved with our own understanding of technology, and what we would perceive as “futuristic”?

Think about the exponential growth of our own technology as humans. 50 years ago 350mbs took up the entire floor of a building and now 360gbs fits in the phone in your pocket. I just find it extremely difficult to believe that an advanced alien race was flying around in metallic discs with domes on top 50 years ago, like they’d have to look out of a windshield. And where did those go?

I can’t be the only person who finds this odd.

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