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125 Days

Laying on the beach with my gf at night and I see this small white star sized object steadily moving across the sky, slowly coming to pass over us. I tell her, “hey look I’m gonna show you a satellite”, manage to point out the object in the sky (there aren’t many stars where I live and I’ve seen satellites before that make the full pass overhead in a straight line. There were also no blinking lights).

So we watch it for about 10 seconds when freakin all of a sudden this thing parks itself into a position next to 2 other stars, then starts moving BACKWARDS! It wasn’t moving erratically but it seemed random...very odd. Kind of felt like it was trying to camouflage itself among the stars at that point, sounds a little ridiculous to say but almost like it knew I was watching it. It was moving in all different directions, and judging by the distance it had to have been moving fast for me to register that movement from the ground. It stayed in a pretty tight vicinity in the sky.

So we go back to making out but I’m keeping my eye on it. Eventually had to switch my focus entirely and it seemed to disappear completely when I looked back.

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