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202 Days

If this is even right wording. What I mean is a sighting without any dramatic events like dozens of smaller ones coming out from mothership or something like that. All my very few sightins were completely uneventful despite a fact of phenomenon itself.

First one was in 1996 (and I kind of forgot about it for some time) in a countryside during summer after about 10 pm and it was already extremely dark because of coming lightning storm (and it was a storm like I've never ever seen before or after that time - yellow lightnings illuminating everything for almost a second, torrential rain and artillery strikes of thunder). UFO would looked just like a plane at a glance because all you could see was a chain of differently colored lights supposedly on edge of it but it wasn't moving and just sat in one spot in dark sky. I can't believe our group of kids just screamed about it in mix of terror and excitment for about couple of minutes and we just continued our business without even mentioning it again. Oh well.

Second one was much later in 2012 or 2013 and again it was already dark but now it was winter, almost clear sky and around 9 pm and on edge of major city. I just walked out from an office center where I worked, I looked up to check out beautiful starry winter sky and saw a white dot moving. "A plane" - I thought and almost immediately that white dot makes 90 degree turn and rapid acceleration up into stratosphere. Whole "event" took about 5 seconds max.

And the last one, which still give me doubts about it being actual UFO, happened in 2015 or 2016. It was october-november, late evening time, weather was humid and with dense fog. I was walking in relatively open area between some apartment blocks and I saw orange light flying across my path without any noise, I guess somewhere above fog layer. It was fuzzy like it should be when you see it through fog. Nothing exceptional.

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