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My intention is to share an interesting story with the rest of you. A couple days ago my mom told me about how her grandmother (whom I have in fact met), once saw something amazing. My great-grandma was born in 1921 and this occurred during her early childhood, so around 1930-1935. She was in a small village in the mountains of mid-east Romania. She was taking the sheep to grass and looked up to see what she called 3 suns sitting in a triangle. This occurred during the daytime and it's amazing that she remembered that story from such a long time ago, especially since she later on suffered from alzheimer's. She was known in our large family for being a very respectable person who was wise and definitely very sane, and she believed in extraterrestrial life for a long time in her life, (which was something not even thought about in a country beginning to be consumed by communism in the countryside.) Here is where I'm just tying other interesting things together, like the fact that her and my mom were O negative, and that my mom has also seen a saucer UFO in her life, and I have also seen 3 UFOS in my life so far. Really just an interesting mix of things, anyway, any thoughts?

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