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UFO sightings and alien encounters are becoming a daily occurrence. Postufo is your online source for videos, articles, and pictures of aliens, UFOs, and the possibility of alien life on other planets. Help spread awareness by posting quality UFO content

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174 Days

Does any one can please provide a link to a photo or photos database, that were studies by experts and are verified to show an UFO? It seems that as far as I read, 90% of all cases in Project Blue Book were misidentifications and were totally explainable, however 10% were verified UFO cases. Is there such thing with photos? I understand that not every case will have photo material. It seems that there is a lot of crap online when I search for photo evidence, for example there were photographs that at some point in time that were proclaimed real, however were later debunked. I lack expertise and extensive knowledge in UFO subject. I am a occasional lurker and podcast listener and lack proper UFO knowledge.

Please assist if you can.

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