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132 Days

Hello everyone, I'm posting here because I've been wanting to for a while, and after re-watching the Bob Lazar interviews on the JRE, I feel really compelled to share what I experienced, and but there is also another reason for the creation of this post..

Let me preface by saying the holidays are emotional times for our immediate family. There's been a lot of unsavory family dinners over holidays. So it's not out of the question that on the night of Christmas eve I would decide to go for a hike up Mt. Charleston.

And that's exactly what I did. On the evening of December 24th, 2010, I left my mom, my brothers, cousins, and everyone behind at Aunt's house and left in my jeep. Long story short, I'm going through my 'mountaineering' phase,and I just decided to go hike up. Mt. Charleston, which is just outside of Vegas. Right then and there.


Along the trail, the snow was hard-packed enough to walk on, and it was freezing cold around 3 am on the trail. I remember it being around 1230am when I started trekking up the trail from the parking lot.


I had been hiking already for maybe 3 or so hours when decided to take a break. I found a toppled-over tree on the side of the mountain trail and sat.

(For the rest of my life, I will never forget exactly what I did and what I saw that night.)

First thing I did when seated was pull out a gas station 'Fuel Bar' from my jacket and tear into it.

The silence was eerie; not one single sound from anything except for that of the occasional wind brushing against the trees here and there..

The stars were really beautiful, especially since the mountain was blocking the city lights.. I reached up and switched off my headlight and looked up. It was terrifyingly pitch black outside.

I was gazing up for maybe one minute when I noticed one bright dot moving fast. I quickly identified it as a satellite and followed it with my eyes.

What happened next, and trying to explain in words, is making my eyes water and sending shivers up my back as I type.

The brighter-than-normal dot starts dancing in the sky. I mean, from my perspective on the side of a pitch black mountain, the thing was instantaneously and effortlessly jumping back and forth, back and forth, along it's trajectory line. It was the most shocking thing I've ever seen in my whole life. Not only back and forth as it traveled along it path, but a few times the thing literally did a loop and then zig-zag patterns.

The thing I'm trying to explain is: in the sky, point A is 1 inch away from point B, and instead of this thing slowly making it's way from A to B, like a normal fucking plane or aircraft movement, what I was seeing was literally cartoonish. It was traveling from A to B in micro-fractions of a second, and fluidly. As if God had a laser pointer, and he was moving a laser pointer how a laser pointer moves... can move across a room instantly fast, or in this case the Nevada fucking sky.

I stopped eating and sat there watching this thing in the sky for about a minute. I had a camera in my pocket but was too scared and frozen to pull it out (something I regret immensely), I was legitimately scared to death of being seen by that thing in the sky.


The bright dot danced in the sky for about a whole 30 - 60 seconds before falling right back into its static orbit, suddenly falling back into its path.. The thing was out of my sight after about two minutes. There's tall pine trees and big mountain faces everywhere so everything I witnessed happened basically right above me.


Before you think I 'm crazy, remember, this happened on December 24th - 25th 2010. Christmas eve into Christmas morning. Legitimately one of the quietest nights of the year in America.

So why am I posting this now? Because watching Bob Lazar explain the things he was involved in with Area-51/52, and just everything else, what I saw made perfect sense...

I believe what I witnessed that night was the space craft Bob Lazar describes having seen for himself. The way he described it's movements, and how they would fly it only on the quietest nights of the week/year.. Like Wednesday.. Like Christmas eve/morning...


And so the second reason I'm creating this post is because I want to get a group of people together that are willing to go with me back to Mt. Charleston and hopefully document that shit.

I fully intend on deleting this post at some point this same week in case somehow it gets leaked to the government. Right now I don't really know what to think. This truly did happen and I want to document it this time.

If you want to know more, or are interested in joining the expedition, please reach out. Thanks

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