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56 Days

Hey guys! First time posting on here! First off, I just want to say that I am not claiming what I saw was for sure an extraterrestrial craft, and am completely open to other ideas :) just wanted to share my story.

I believe this happened last November. I was driving to the store, around sunset (about 5:00 pm), and was stopped at a red light, facing East. A small, white light in the distance caught my attention It seemed to be heading North. I thought it was a plane, but was moving much faster and a bit lower than planes normally do in my area. I watched it, still thinking it was a plane, for a few seconds, when, all of the sudden, it began flying in a straight line down towards the Earth. Then, it just disappeared completely. It all happened so fast, maybe, at the most, 10 seconds in total, that I had no time to take pictures, and I doubt my camera would have picked it up anyways. I tried to point it out to my mom, who was in the car at the time, but she didn't see it.

It moved almost like a drone does, but I have never seen a drone with a light, let alone one that just disappears from sight like that, plus it was flying pretty high at first. It was also a constant white light the entire time I saw it. It never blinked like planes do. It also didn't move remotely like a shooting star would, so I don't believe it was that either.

It was a pretty odd experience. If you guys have any suggestions on what it might have been, let me know!

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