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126 Days

Disclaimer - posted this in a comment and moved it here.

USA - 1st time, I was 17 - middle of the day, no clouds, my friend is driving and we're out in the sticks. In front of us, what appeared to be about a 1/4 mile away and maybe 1/4 mile up, a round white light or object, with a small round orange light on one side and another small round blue light on the other side, each symmetrically on the lower edges of the white light, appeared suddenly out of nowhere. It was very clear, not moving, and was there for 3 or 4 seconds, then disappeared, never moving. Neither of us said anything at that moment. We were at a T in the road and my friend turned and sped up. I said "did you see that" and he nodded yes and just kept driving. He seemed very sacred but I remember wanting to stop. I wish I told him to stop and/or let me out. For some reason that was all we said and we never spoke of it again. I don't think I even talked about it for several years, until the next time.

2nd time - I was 20 - with my girlfriend out in the mountains in the middle of the night. There were no clouds and we were laying on our backs looking at the stars. Suddenly 3 long rectangular shaped pure red whatevers, the exact same length and exact same distance from each other, which seemed close together from our perspective, streaked across the sky in about 1 second or less. These objects seemed very far away, but were very well defined and focused to the eye. At the distance they seemed to be, which appeared to be well outside the atmosphere, they seemed extremely large. And they came from our right side and were bright enough to instantly catch both of our eyes. These 3 objects streaked across the entire sky in maybe 1 second. I know I already said that but the speed was faster than you can imagine. It or they were far faster than any falling star I've ever seen. So fast it is still hard for me to believe. We both described what we just saw and we saw the exact same thing.

I'm 62 now. No additional sightings, although I have no doubt there must be other beings out there in infinity, regardless of what my friends and I saw. I'm getting hyped up just thinking about these experiences again.

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