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UFO sightings and alien encounters are becoming a daily occurrence. Postufo is your online source for videos, articles, and pictures of aliens, UFOs, and the possibility of alien life on other planets. Help spread awareness by posting quality UFO content

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126 Days

I’ll get this part out of the way: I’m not asking if it’s aliens but I am asking what in the absolute fuck was that (this just happened 30 minutes ago):

So I’m standing in the lawn off the walkout basement back porch of my home. My partner and I are having a smoke when we noticed what we thought was a helicopter with a spot light coming towards us. Backstory; we live in town, our home is situated in with others and is surrounded many trees of different heights and leaf coverage (especially with it being spring) and it is also near midnight here. There being not a single star in the sky, its simply pitch black out, other than my own flood light. So anyways, we noticed, kinda suddenly, that it wasn’t a helicopter because it was so quiet and it was not a spot light rather more like 3 white lights in a triangle with red and green blinking lights behind the triangle of lights. It was also so close to the ground that theres no way it could be a plane, on top of the fact that it would have blown our ears out and made the trees react. To be generous, I’d estimate it was no more than 100 yards off the ground and I can only comprehend this because the lights went out of sight as the sound crossed over my roof and to the other side. It wasn’t until I realized I was only tracking the lights that there was no distinguishable color about it. It was the color of the sky and no shape. I also couldn’t tell you how long it was. The sound was that of fan running on the lowest setting, in slow motion. Like air slowly being pushed through a vent, just fast enough to emit the sound of vibration. I can not tell you how thoroughly creeped out I am. Clearly they didn’t mind being spotted but WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT.

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