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12 Days

What a pile of shit it was.

I felt like I was watching ancient aliens but with the logic leap dial turned up to 10. It was so laughably bad, from the constant cuts to these attractive actors huddled around a table looking at supposed UFO files, to CGI overused to the point where it feels as though they are trying to be disingenuous with using it.

One segment comes to mind where they have a dramatization of some guy who was at the Denver Airport and took the wrong elevator to some sort of basement in search of a bathroom, found a bathroom with huge urinals up the the ceiling, and the man was so scared, he ran screaming out of the bathroom. I guess that is supposed to elude that giants live at DAP? Or maybe giant aliens? They just tell some random story that has no bearing on the other stories told each episode, lots of them having nothing to do with UFO/UAPs or Extraterrestrials. It was so laughably bad I live streamed it into a discord for everyone to laugh at.

Its so bad and so outrageous, even by UFO community standards, it almost feels purposefully bad.

I've been an avid believer of UFOs ever since an experience as a kid, I mean this stuff is ingrained in me, and I thought I saw all of the outrages crazy shit, but I barely scratched the surface. Is MUFON trying to make UFO researchers look even more crazy than the public perceives us? The documentary was so terrible I'm having doubts it isn't some sort of hit job.

Has anyone else seen the doc? Am I being to harsh do you guys think I'm justified in hating this thing?

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