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UFO sightings and alien encounters are becoming a daily occurrence. Postufo is your online source for videos, articles, and pictures of aliens, UFOs, and the possibility of alien life on other planets. Help spread awareness by posting quality UFO content

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11 Days

Black triangular object. This literally just happened not long ago and it’s really creeping me out. I was taking my dog out to use the restroom when he randomly started looking up in the sky for no reason so I started looking around and sure enough right above my head was this thing that looked like a boomerang but it was dark, had no lights, and no noise whatsoever it was probably 20 yards long and around 200 feet in the air it was really low and I thought it could be a drone but it was so fast and it’s 3 a.m. so why would it be a drone? I have a camera that records but it cut out, but in the picture you can see it behind me before I even saw it. I have another picture just 6 seconds after and it’s gone and over my head when I actually noticed but it’s not visible. Ill post pictures in comments. I only looked for it because my dog was alerted by it for some reason even though it was dark and it made no noise. Has anyone seen what I’m describing before? Would love an explanation! Sorry if this sounds confusing it just happened to me and I’m startled laying in bed now lol

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