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11 Days

I have never seen an ufo in the sky.

I lived on a small lake (or large pond) and would sometimes take my dogs down for a swim at night. This night I drive my pick-up down and let my friend out to go swimming. I was only going to be there 15 minutes or so because a show was coming on tv I wanted to watch. I sat on the tailgate for a minute then laid back for a minute to watch the stars. What I saw was blackness, no stars. At first I thought cloud cover but then I noticed stars on the "edges" of the blackness. Looked closer and kind of freaked out because the blackness was large, and stars kind of outlined a bat in flight like outline.. So then I noticed my dog was next to me so I got in the truck and went home. Took about 2 minutes. First...the dog that was with me always had to be given treats to come home from swimming. He was very spoiled. Second...the tv show I wanted to watch was over and the 11 o'clock news was on. The show was a 9 o'clock show. Third...our little body of water was down about 18" the next day..when I asked other residents about the water level changing that much over night no one had an insight.

and just to mention there was no sound that night no frogs crickets etc

So that is my ufo experience

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